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4 Oct

After much thought and many personal struggles, we have decided to put an end to USoT. It is with heavy hearts that we look towards the future without this important part of our lives. USoT was so much more than music and it will be nigh-impossible for us to replace this passion, activism, and community going forward. Thanks everyone.

We are playing two final show in the next few weeks:

  • Friday October 19 @ The Dragonfly in Madison with our good friends Knife The Symphony, Nonagon, and Dick The Bruiser.
  • Saturday October 20 @ Quenchers in Chicago with KtS and Nonagon again.

Blown-out Goodness

29 Aug

Five songs from our set at the Frequency on Saturday, August 25. Revel in the blown-out goodness.
  • Revolutionary Panic Attacks (part)
  • The Contrition of the Addict
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
  • The Concept of the Urban Guerrilla
  • State-Sponsored Terrorism

Watch carefully as Russell wipes out half of Jason’s kit at 5:55.

Thanks to Randal West for the video.

Post-rock is dead. Long live post-rock.

28 Jul

By now post-rock has devolved into a parody of itself — all pleasant noodles, slow builds, and soaring highs. The glut of Mogwai-clones has left us cold. But there ARE still bands out there building on that foundation and injecting new and startling original takes on the form. We’re proud to be playing shows with some of these people.

8/17 The Garza + Things Falling Apart + Tyranny Is Tyranny @Project Lodge

Our post-metal side project Tyranny Is Tyranny is playing a show with the mysterious Things Falling Apart from DeKalb IL (not to be confused with the Madison band of similar name). TFA is a collective noise-orchestra that smears post-rock from the perspective of Bitches Brew rather than Explosions In The Sky. As an added bonus, Madison punk super-group, The Garza (ex-Droids Attack, Brainerd, Pachinko, Bongzilla) headline.

8/25 United Sons of Toil + The Paver + El Valiente @Frequency

The United Sons of Toil host our new crush The Paver from Chicago. The Paver mixes cello, violin, synths, and crushing aluminum bass with a vocalist who sounds like Steve Albini singing Codeine songs. They bridge the gap between baroque art pop and funeral metal — the combination is devastating yet oddly comforting. In addition we reunite with our pals El Valiente who undoubtedly have their own take on post-rock. Just when you think they’re all about limitless desert vistas and parched bones glowing in the moonlight, they let loose with an explosion of guitars that takes you back to the glory days of post-punk.

Tyranny Is Tyranny

9 Mar

Tyranny Is Tyranny is a side project helmed by Russell and Jason of The United Sons of Toil. The band is simpler and heavier than USoT —  focusing on dynamics, repetition, and the dismantling of capitalism. Tyranny Is Tyranny is the title of the fourth chapter of Howard Zinn‘s A People’s History of the United States.

Like USoT, Tyranny is influenced by the 90s noiserock of Amphetamine Reptile but also draws inspiration from the post-rock/post-metal hybrids of bands like Cult of Luna and Fall of Efrafa. As hinted at by the titular homage to historian Howard Zinn, the lyrical themes are an excoriation of capitalism.

Line Up

  • Russell Emerson Hall: guitar, vocals
  • Jason Jensen: guitar
  • Ben Aldis: drums
  • MDF: bass

First show: Saturday April 14, 7pm
Project Lodge, Madison WI
Perhaps a bit premature, but nonetheless…

We play first and we play five songs, so don’t be late.

Tour Video: 7th and Final Installment

21 Aug

Donji Miholjac, Croatia; Belgrade, Serbia; Novi Sad, Serbia; Paris (travel day).

Tour Video Part 6

15 Aug

Prague, Czech Republic; Leipzig, Germany; Zagreb, Croatia (day off); Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tour Video Part 5

6 Aug

Neu Tramm, Berlin, and Ansbach.

Tour Video Part 4

18 Jul

Tour photos

16 Jul

All the gory details of the European Tour documented photographically,  Flickr style.

Tour Video Part 3

16 Jul