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Moving on

20 Nov

USoT is in the rear-view mirror and we’re month out from our last shows, but we’ve got a couple of things in the works…

Jason and Russell have started another band (as yet unnamed) with a our friend Jeff Samuels (ex-Hat Party) on drums. This time around Jason is playing baritone guitar through a bass amp and Russell is still torturing throat and abusing guitar. We’re writing songs now, but so far it appears as though it’s going to be more mathy and angular and Unwound-like. Much more akin to the first USoT record than the last. Yes, we plan on touring.

Jason and Russell continue to play guitar in Tyranny Is Tyranny. It’s more straight forward than USoT — more post-metal/post-rock, with a focus on repetition and dynamics. The songs are, admittedly, still filtered through AmRep noise though.

In addition, Russell keeps threatening to start a solo drone/doom project — just him and a laptop. His recent obsession with Nadja, Earth, and Mamiffer  should indicate the direction this thing will go.

Stay tuned. Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm.

Tyranny Is Tyranny

9 Mar

Tyranny Is Tyranny is a side project helmed by Russell and Jason of The United Sons of Toil. The band is simpler and heavier than USoT —  focusing on dynamics, repetition, and the dismantling of capitalism. Tyranny Is Tyranny is the title of the fourth chapter of Howard Zinn‘s A People’s History of the United States.

Like USoT, Tyranny is influenced by the 90s noiserock of Amphetamine Reptile but also draws inspiration from the post-rock/post-metal hybrids of bands like Cult of Luna and Fall of Efrafa. As hinted at by the titular homage to historian Howard Zinn, the lyrical themes are an excoriation of capitalism.

Line Up

  • Russell Emerson Hall: guitar, vocals
  • Jason Jensen: guitar
  • Ben Aldis: drums
  • MDF: bass

First show: Saturday April 14, 7pm
Project Lodge, Madison WI
Perhaps a bit premature, but nonetheless…

We play first and we play five songs, so don’t be late.