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Blown-out Goodness

29 Aug

Five songs from our set at the Frequency on Saturday, August 25. Revel in the blown-out goodness.
  • Revolutionary Panic Attacks (part)
  • The Contrition of the Addict
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
  • The Concept of the Urban Guerrilla
  • State-Sponsored Terrorism

Watch carefully as Russell wipes out half of Jason’s kit at 5:55.

Thanks to Randal West for the video.

Tour Video: 7th and Final Installment

21 Aug

Donji Miholjac, Croatia; Belgrade, Serbia; Novi Sad, Serbia; Paris (travel day).

Tour Video Part 6

15 Aug

Prague, Czech Republic; Leipzig, Germany; Zagreb, Croatia (day off); Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tour Video Part 5

6 Aug

Neu Tramm, Berlin, and Ansbach.

Tour Video Part 4

18 Jul

Tour Video Part 3

16 Jul

Tour Video: Parts 1 and 2

27 Jun

Tour Video Part 1:

Tour Video Part 2: