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First Tyranny Is Tyranny Single Released

10 Jun

“Manufacturing Truth” is the first song from the forthcoming Phratry Records release Let It Come From Whom It May, Fall 2013.

Recorded and mixed by Russell Hall and Jason Jensen at The Dock and House of Men, December 2012 – May 2013. Mastered by Martin Defatte at Guerrilla Digital, Milwaukee WI.

Merchandise Update

1 Oct

Revolution LP: 40 copies left.
We returned from Europe with just 10 copies. Phratry Records has 30 copies. Gorgeous red vinyl with a 12-page booklet and download card. Don’t sleep on this.

Split 7″: Only 3 copies left!
We sold most of these German-only splits while we were on tour. The pressing plant messed up nearly half of the initial pressing and it is unclear whether it will be repressed. Get yours now.
[UPDATE 10/31/11: We just received more copies of the split from Fidel Bastro in Germany. We now have 30 copies and all 7 designs.]

Genocide Tee: Now via mailorder.
The now-classic red genocide USoT t-shirt is now available on-line. It’s not tour dates; it’s a litany of man’s inhumanity to man. 20+ left (1 each of S and XXL). Grab one now.

German-only Split 7″

5 Jun

Fidel Bastro from Hamburg Germany is releasing a split 7″ to coincide with the European Tour. This extremely limited edition record will be on red vinyl with one of 8 versions of a clear sleeve. The Collective will endeavor to return with a few copies for the domestic party faithful. The Sons song is entitled “Mimetic Contagion” and is told from the point of view of a political prisoner. The flip side is by the instrumental Hamburg band, Lars Bang Larsen, and is entitled “Conspiracy of Conscience.” USoT throat-torturer, Russell Hall, sings on this song as well, putting himself in the place of the prison guard watching the aforementioned dissident.

Revolution LP Selling Steadily

1 Jun

The Sons’ latest record, When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful, is selling steadily, the limited edition colored-vinyl LP in particular (CDs also available). Only 300 copies were pressed and The Sons copies are likely to be gone after the European Tour, so don’t procrastinate.

Order online at our Bandcamp site; or the Phratry or Sacred Plague sites. Digital distribution is now in place, including eMusic and iTunes (Amazon very soon). Be advised though, all three records can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp.