Euro Tour: Day 19, Novi Sad

3 Jul

The dance party we went to bed next to at 4am was still going on when we woke up at 11am. We loaded up the van and left the shit hole of Belgrade behind us. (I mean no disrespect, but the place is a decaying garbage dump…) We arrived at Route 66 in Novi Sad and were excited about the prospect of playing a proper club with great gear and clean everything. Sasha, Jason, and I took a walk down to the Danube and stuck our feet in the water. It was quite a relaxing couple of hours and by the time we walked back to the club we felt rested and refreshed. As the afternoon turned to evening, it became apparent that the club had done no promotion for the show and really didn’t give a shit about whether anyone showed up. A grand total of four people actually did show up. They came specifically to see our bands and asked questions that indicated that they were already familiar with our music. While we put on our best show for them, it was heart-breaking to play the final show of the tour to an empty room. We packed up the van as soon as we were done and drove straight through to Zagreb.

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