Update: Remix Project

AbletonAs you may remember, we’ve been working on a remix project that we announced way back in September. Here’s what’s going on.

We’ve recieved 11 remixes so far and are waiting on an additional 9. The deadline for submissions is still March 1 and will not be moving again (not this time). Thanks to everyone who has already contributed. We’re looking forward to hearing what the rest of you are working on.

After March 1, the band will listen to everything we have and decide what we’re going to use. We will likely have too many songs so we’ll have to try and maintain some semblance of quality and continuity. Once we decide on the final tracklist, our friend Martin Defatte will master the monstrosity and we’ll begin work on the packaging.

The record will be given away through Bandcamp and available for purchase as a super-deluxe limited-edition CD (probably limited to 40-50? 100). We’re also considering having some sort of listening/release party as well… If you have ideas in that regard, let us know.