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First Tyranny Is Tyranny Single Released

10 Jun

“Manufacturing Truth” is the first song from the forthcoming Phratry Records release Let It Come From Whom It May, Fall 2013.

Recorded and mixed by Russell Hall and Jason Jensen at The Dock and House of Men, December 2012 – May 2013. Mastered by Martin Defatte at Guerrilla Digital, Milwaukee WI.

Forces Of Production: Remix

17 Sep

At long last, Forces Of Production is available to the masses. We’ve been working on this for over a year, but we’ve been talking about doing something like this for even longer — since our first record came out in 2007. As fans of experimental, dub, and electronic music, we appreciate the recontextualization of art in our current cut-and-paste culture. Who’s to say that the only versions of our songs are the ones we’ve released?

So we imagined the individual tracks as raw material — merely starting points for new compositions. We enlisted friends and fans and assembled radically different versions of songs drawn from all of our records. Some of these songs are unmistakably United Sons of Toil songs; others bear little resemblance.

Download or purchase Forces Of Production at Bandcamp.

Like all our records, Forces Of Production is available for free download. In addition, the Super-Deluxe Limited-Edition CD Package includes an exclusive bonus 4-track disc, mini-poster, and over-the-top packaging including riveted asset tags, ribbon, and a custom wax seal. Limited to 100 copies.

Update: Remix Project

10 Feb

AbletonAs you may remember, we’ve been working on a remix project that we announced way back in September. Here’s what’s going on.

We’ve recieved 11 remixes so far and are waiting on an additional 9. The deadline for submissions is still March 1 and will not be moving again (not this time). Thanks to everyone who has already contributed. We’re looking forward to hearing what the rest of you are working on.

After March 1, the band will listen to everything we have and decide what we’re going to use. We will likely have too many songs so we’ll have to try and maintain some semblance of quality and continuity. Once we decide on the final tracklist, our friend Martin Defatte will master the monstrosity and we’ll begin work on the packaging.

The record will be given away through Bandcamp and available for purchase as a super-deluxe limited-edition CD (probably limited to 40-50? 100). We’re also considering having some sort of listening/release party as well… If you have ideas in that regard, let us know.

Remix Project

4 Sep

Godflesh - Love And Hate In DubI’ve been a long-time fan of the Justin Broadrick’s Godflesh. Ever since we released our first record, I’ve wanted to do a remix album similar to Love And Hate In Dub. That record took material from Godflesh’s 1996 Earache release, Songs Of Love And Hate, and re-imagined it as a hellish ambient drum’n’bass record. Have a listen to how the song “Wake” was transformed into “Wake (Break Mix).”

I never got around to remixing Hope. Then the release of Lions came and went. Now, in the wake of our European tour and its subsequent hiatus, we’ve resurrected the project. However, the prospect of doing it all myself seemed daunting, so we’re all pitching in and inviting some friends to lend a hand as well.

We’ve established only two rules to constrain this project:

  1. No additional audio may be used. Everything must be sourced from the original track. Things may be mangled and chopped as much as desired, but nothing may be added.
  2. The end result must relate the the original track somehow. In other words it should be recognizable as a remix.

While we’re encouraging participants to produce tracks in dub, glitch, breakbeat, industrial, or ambient styles, we won’t say no to a dance remix or a dubstep track. The primary focus is on songs from Revolution, but all three records will be represented. We’ve set a completely arbitrary deadline for ourselves and our collaborators of November 1 March 1. We plan on releasing this project as a free download as well as super-limited edition, deluxe CD in early 2012.