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4 Oct

After much thought and many personal struggles, we have decided to put an end to USoT. It is with heavy hearts that we look towards the future without this important part of our lives. USoT was so much more than music and it will be nigh-impossible for us to replace this passion, activism, and community going forward. Thanks everyone.

We are playing two final show in the next few weeks:

  • Friday October 19 @ The Dragonfly in Madison with our good friends Knife The Symphony, Nonagon, and Dick The Bruiser.
  • Saturday October 20 @ Quenchers in Chicago with KtS and Nonagon again.

Euro Tour: Day 6, Paris

20 Jun

We unloaded all our gear into the super-tiny basement room of Cafe de Paris and then hung out and wandered around. We sat in the McDonalds across the street (where, yes, they really do have a Royale with Cheese) to use their wifi connections. (Sylvain had already posted pictures and videos from the Nice show.) Bill and I took a walk so he could change money and I could buy a new electrical adapter to replace the one I left in Ljubljana. I was successful; Bill was not.

Our host Jean Louis showed up with his band Strong Silent Type around 6 and things got going around 8. The first band was a sort of jazzy experimental thing. Jean Louis fronted a nu-metalish thing with a bit of crust. Fueled by a bottle of Jack Daniels, Joe 4 took the “stage” in their underwear with hospital booties (courtesy of Bruno) on their heads. They were ridiculous and awesome. We, not so much. I think the lack of sleep and stress of the drive made us cranky and our performance suffered. I blamed it on Bill and Jason and walked straight out of the club when we finished. In retrospect, it was all me and my shitty attitude.