Euro Tour: Day 6, Paris

20 Jun

We unloaded all our gear into the super-tiny basement room of Cafe de Paris and then hung out and wandered around. We sat in the McDonalds across the street (where, yes, they really do have a Royale with Cheese) to use their wifi connections. (Sylvain had already posted pictures and videos from the Nice show.) Bill and I took a walk so he could change money and I could buy a new electrical adapter to replace the one I left in Ljubljana. I was successful; Bill was not.

Our host Jean Louis showed up with his band Strong Silent Type around 6 and things got going around 8. The first band was a sort of jazzy experimental thing. Jean Louis fronted a nu-metalish thing with a bit of crust. Fueled by a bottle of Jack Daniels, Joe 4 took the “stage” in their underwear with hospital booties (courtesy of Bruno) on their heads. They were ridiculous and awesome. We, not so much. I think the lack of sleep and stress of the drive made us cranky and our performance suffered. I blamed it on Bill and Jason and walked straight out of the club when we finished. In retrospect, it was all me and my shitty attitude.


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